Exploring the Perceptions of Inhibitors and Drivers of Social Media Progression among Small and Medium Enterprises at Different Stages of E-Business Maturity.

Authors Gerlach Velthoven
Published in IMA
Publication date 2009
Research groups Marketing & Customer Experience
Type Article


The adoption of social media (web 2.0) in the e-marketing strategy of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is not yet researched much. Research findings in bigger companies in the USA, Europe and the Netherlands suggest that the issue is high on the think list of marketers and entrepreneurs. But what are the drivers and barriers for small and medium enterprises to make, execute, and further develop their strategy on social media? This paper places the perceptions and actions of 10 SMEs in the Netherlands in the Stages of Growth for e-Business model (SOG-e model) which focuses on e-business maturity. Findings are that general expectations and customer wishes are important drivers and that, besides time and money, the fear of negative comments on the Internet are important barriers.

Language English
Published in IMA
Key words Small and medium enterprises (SME's), Social media, Web 2.0, E-business strategy

Marketing and Customer Experience