Feasibility of a home-based exercise intervention with remote guidance for patients with stable grade II and III gliomas

Authors Karin Gehring , Corelien Kloek , Neil K. Aaronson , Kasper W. Janssen , Lee W. Jones , Margriet Sitskoorn , Martijn M. Stuiver
Published in Clinical Rehabilitation
Publication date 2018
Research groups Innovation of Movement Care
Type Article


In this pilot study, we investigated the feasibility of a home-based, remotely guided exercise intervention for patients with gliomas. The six-month intervention included three home-based exercise sessions per week at 60%–85% of maximum heart rate. Participants wore heart rate monitors connected to an online platform to record activities that were monitored weekly by the physiotherapist.

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    Corelien Kloek
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Language English
Published in Clinical Rehabilitation
Year and volume 32 3
Key words glioma, hersentumor, bewegen, fysiotherapie
Page range 352-366

Innovation of Movement Care