Framework for Imbuing Sustainable ‘Green’ Impact Among Local SMEs

Authors Sven Willemsen, Gerrita van der Veen
Published in Conference Papers
Publication date 2013
Research groups Marketing & Customer Experience
Type Lecture


SMEs within the rural Dutch municipality of Utrechtse Heuvelrug (UHG) are becoming increasingly aware of the need for sustainable ‘green’ business. Their sense of sustainability is strongly defined by the ‘green’ environment in which they live and work. They were seeking an entrepreneurial approach to sustainability that is reflective of the area and fits their ecosystem. This approach was to be aimed at innovation and branding. We assumed that the role and function of a location-based brand differs from that of product or corporate brands because it has more complexity. Taking place-branding theory as our starting point, we set out to construe a brand that is a) based on local identity and b) has the power to motivate and mobilize SME entrepreneurs to form cooperative sustainable networks. This paper presents our analysis for a brand framework and demonstrates how it has been applied to imbue sustainable ‘green’ impact.

Language English
Published in Conference Papers

Marketing and Customer Experience