From location and (non)place to place attachment and sense of place

Authors Ina ter Avest, C. Bakker
Published in Religion & Education
Publication date 2017
Research groups Normative Professionalisation
Type Article


In our research we focus on the architectural characteristics of a location, seen as a precondition to appeal to the imaginative power of learners that plays a part in satisfying their (presupposed) spiritual hunger and longings for a better world. The concepts space, nonplace, and place, in their relation to the concepts place attachment and sense of place are central in our research. In written and videotaped texts, pupils tell about their attachment to places and sense of place. The preliminary analysis of the texts of the pupils shows that friends and teacher(s) occupy a central place in these pupils’ place attachment and sense of place.

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    C. Bakker
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Language English
Published in Religion & Education
Year and volume 44 3
Key words architectural design, imaginative power, place attachment, space
Page range 304-316