How to Assist Probationers with Debt Problems during Supervision

Authors Gercoline van Beek , Vivienne de Vogel , Dike van de Mheen
Published in Crime & Delinquency
Publication date 1 March 2021
Research groups Working with Mandated Clients
Type Article


Little research exists on what works in the supervision of offenders with debt problems. This qualitative study aims to provide insight into the barriers probation officers and clients experience during supervision regarding debt and the support that clients need. Interviews were conducted with 33 Dutch probation officers and 16 clients. The results show that debt often negatively influences clients’ lives and hinders their resocialization. Probation officers lack effective methods to support clients with debt problems. To adequately help clients with debt problems, probation officers should obtain more knowledge about effective interventions and collaborate more closely with debt specialists from the probation supervision outset.

Language English
Published in Crime & Delinquency
Key words financial problems, debt, crime, probation work, supervision
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