How to gain informed consent in radicalisation research: how (de)radicalisation research can be done while meeting all the research ethics requirements without the risk of respondents being linked to the research project and being labelled a radical

Authors Anke van Gorp
Publication date 28 November 2013
Research groups Knowledge Analysis Societal Security
Type Report


Full text via link. Norms in research ethics and regulation regarding the collection of personal data and requirements posed by the European Committee concerning Framework Program 7 research require researchers to carry out interviews under informed consent. This means that the interviewed person is informed about the goal of the project, knows who to contact with questions concerning the project, how to retract their data and knows that participation is voluntary. Both the interviewee and the researcher should sign an informed consent form in which this information is made explicit.


  • Anke van Gorp | Researcher | Knowledge analysis societal security
    Anke van Gorp
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Knowledge Analysis Societal Security

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