Identifying Challenges in Business Rules Management Implementations regarding the Elicitation, Design, and Specification Capabilities at Dutch Governmental Institutions

Authors Koen Smit, Johan Versendaal, Martijn Zoet
Published in Journal of information technology, theory and application
Publication date 28 June 2018
Research groups Digital Ethics
Type Article


Proper decision making represent one of an organization’s most important capabilities. To manage decisions and underlying business rules, an increasing number of organizations have begun to use business rules management (BRM). However, given BRM research’s and practice’s nascence, we need to more deeply understand the challenges in implementing BRM capabilities. As such, from collecting and analyzing two three-round focus groups and two three-round Delphi studies, we identified 28 main challenges that five Dutch governmental institutions experienced in eliciting, designing, and specifying business rules. We also discuss directions for future research.

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Language English
Published in Journal of information technology, theory and application
Year and volume 19 2
Key words Business Rules Management, Implementation Challenges, Government, Capabilities
Page range 121-137

Koen Smit

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Koen Smit

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