Innovativeness to enlarge digital readiness

Authors Paul Morsch
Published in Conference Proceedings 2021
Publication date 18 October 2021
Research groups Process Innovation and Information Systems
Type Lecture


Technological developments go fast and are interrelated and multi-interpretable. As consumer needs change, the technological possibilities to meet those needs are constantly evolving and new technology providers introduce new disruptive business models. This makes it difficult to predict what the world of tomorrow will look like for an organization and that makes the risks for organizations substantial. In this context, it is difficult for organizations to determine what constitutes a good strategy to adopt digital developments. This paper describes a first step of a study with the objective to design a method for organizations to formulate a future-proof strategy in a rapidly changing, complex and ambiguous context. More specifically, this paper describes the results of a sequence of three focus groups that were held with a group of eight experts, with extensive experience as members of the decision making unit in organizations. The objectives of these sessions were to determine possible solutions for the outlined challenge in order to provide direction for continuation and scoping of the following research phases.

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  • Paul Morsch
    • Researcher
    • Research groups: Process Innovation and Information Systems

Language English
Published in Conference Proceedings 2021
Year and volume 30 4
Key words Strategy Development, Digital Strategy, Digital Transformation, Innovation
Page range 157-173

Paul Mosch

Paul Mosch

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Process Innovation and Information Systems