Maturity of Operational Procurement in the Construction Industry: A Business/IT-Alignment Perspective

Authors Johan Versendaal , Bastiaan De Bevere , Xiaochun Xing , Marjan vanden Akker
Published in BLED 2011 Proceedings
Publication date 12 June 2011
Research groups Digital Ethics
Type Lecture


From the article: "Project execution in the construction industry faces major challenges, e.g. difficulty in coordination and cooperation. Operational procurement during project execution is no exception. In this paper we construct a maturity model, based on earlier work, consisting of six dimensions (goal, control, process, organization, information, technology) and five maturity stages (transactional-oriented, commercial-oriented, coordination, internal-optimized, external-optimized). The model can be used to determine the level of procurement maturity for each of the dimensions, and for the determination of a strategy for growth in the construction industry. With input from a major construction firm in the Netherlands, through simulating tooling, the model is evaluated for its contribution to growth in operational excellence. Results of the simulation show support for a relation between maturity growth and increased operational excellence." Recommended Citation Xing, Xiaochun; Versendaal, Johan; van den Akker, Marjan; and De Bevere, Bastiaan, "Maturity of Operational Procurement in the Construction Industry: A Business/IT-Alignment Perspective" (2011). BLED 2011 Proceedings. Paper 22. Affiliation: Xing Xiaochun - Swets Information Services, Netherlands; Johan Versendaal - Utrecht University, Netherlands; HU University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands; Marjan van den Akker - Utrecht University, Netherlands; Bastiaan De Bevere - Ballast Nedam, Netherlands.


Language English
Published in BLED 2011 Proceedings
Year and volume 24 paper 22
Key words Organisatie van bouwen, Management of construction, Procurement, Business / IT-Alignment, Simulation

Johan Versendaal