Moral authorship

Authors Mariëtte van den Hoven, Rob Gertsen
Publication date 2017
Research groups Normative Professionalisation
Type Lecture


In this presentation, we offer a conceptual analysis on the notion of Moral Authorship and explore in what ways the notion is promising in the field of Teaching and Education. We compare Moral Authorship with other notions, namely ‘normative professionalism’, ‘the good professional’, ‘reflective professionalism', ‘professional autonomy’, ‘professional responsibility’ and ‘moral craftmanship’. The comparison shows that each concept has a particular focus and use in practice. The notion of Moral Authorship seems promising in at least two ways: the association with authorship leads to a renewed attitude towards professional agency, and it can combine (the most) promising aspects of other concepts. Paper presented at the AME 2017 Conference

Language English
Key words teaching, education, normative professionalism, moral authorship

Rob Gertsen