Moral authorship of novice teachers in primary education

Authors Rob Gertsen, Harmen Schaap, Cok Bakker
Published in Teachers and Teaching
Publication date 2017
Research groups Normative Professionalisation
Type Article


This article focuses on moral authorship as an element of the professional development of novice teachers in the Netherlands. Moral authorship refers to the ability of teachers to observe, identify, verbalize and reflect on the moral aspects of their work in a proactive and dialogical manner. We elaborate on moral authorship by theoretically exploring six interdependent tasks of moral meaning making: moral commitment, awareness, orientation and positioning, moral performance and evaluation. Narratives of 19 novice teachers were analyzed to explore moral authorship in teachers’ talk. The results show the opportunities of moral authorship to support, navigate, and reinforce the professional development of novice teachers. This study suggests professional self-dialogs for enhancing the development of moral authorship.

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    Cok Bakker
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Language English
Published in Teachers and Teaching
Year and volume 23 5
Key words moral authorship, novice teachers, primary education, professional development, teacher education
Page range 570-582

Rob Gertsen