On the Necessity of an Integrated, Participative and Adaptive Approach to Sustainable Urban Environmental Quality Planning

Authors Rien van Stigt, Peter Driessen, Tejo Spit
Published in Environmental Policy and Governance
Publication date 21 March 2017
Research groups Building Future Cities
Type Article


From the article : "Based on a review of recent literature, this paper addresses the question of how urban planners can steer urban environmental quality, given the fact that it ismultidimensional in character, is assessed largely in subjective terms and varies across time. A novel perspective of urban environmental quality is proposed, simultaneously exploring three questions that are at the core of planning and designing cities: ‘quality of what?’, ‘quality for whom?’ and ‘quality at what time?’. The dilemmas that urban planners face in answering these questions are illustrated using secondary material. This approach provides perspectives for action. Rather than further detailing the exact nature of urban quality, it calls for sustainable urban environmental quality planning that is integrated, participative and adaptive" ( wileyonlinelibrary.com ) DOI: 10.1002/eet.1759 - Preprint available for free download.

Language English
Published in Environmental Policy and Governance
Year and volume 27 3
Key words Planologie, Mileu, Stedenbouw, Steden, urban environmental quality, urban quality of life, sustainable urban development
Page range 193-206

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