On the Road Together

Authors Sofie Sergeant, Henri√ętte Sandvoort, Geert Van Hove, Petri Embregts, Kim van den Bogaard, Elsbeth Taminiau, Alice Schippers
Published in Social Sciences
Publication date 2022
Research groups Youth
Type Article


Inclusive research practices can lead to progress towards an inclusive society. With this study, we aimed to gain insight into dilemmas and catalysing processes within the long-term collaboration of an inclusive research duo: one non-academic researcher who lives with the label of intellectual disabilities and visual impairment, and one academic researcher. Both researchers kept personal diaries about their collaboration process. Inductive thematic analysis, individually and as a group of authors, was employed. Our findings reveal six necessary conditions for diversity-sensitive work in inclusive research: (a) experiencing belonging within the research group, (b) empowering people in a team through growing self-awareness and competence-building, (c) having room for reflection and searching for various ways of communication, (d) sharing power and ownership of research processes, (e) having enough time to foster the above conditions, and (f) joining in a mutual engagement in accommodating vulnerability in dialogue and collaborative work. Awareness of stigma-related issues and the risk of tokenism is also required.

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Language English
Published in Social Sciences
Key words collaboration, inclusive research, intellectual disabilities

Sofie Sergeant