Research on Deinstitutionalisation

Authors Zsolt Bugarszki, Jean-Pierre Wilken, Marju Medar, Hans van Ewijk
Published in Eris Journal
Publication date 2016
Research groups Participation, Care and Support
Type Article


Tallinn University in co-operation with Tartu University has conducted a four month long research on deinstitutionalisation policies, financed by the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs, between August and November 2015. The research programme consisted of an international review on the experiences of seven selected European countries and on focus groups and individual interviews among Estonian stakeholders related to deinstitutionalisation and community based services in the field of disability care and mental health. Based on the research the international research group suggested a number of considerations for the Estonian Case. Some of the most relevant are reported in this Research note.

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Language English
Published in Eris Journal
Year and volume 16 4
Page range 100-101

Participation Care and Support