Researching Classroom Interaction in the light of social justice.

Authors Nicolien Montesano Montessori, Prof.Dr. Petra Ponte
Publication date 2010
Type Lecture


A research into classroom interaction (behaviour and communication) between teachers and pupils in the light of social justice. The research is based on the concern that educational praxis, defined as 'practice which implies a conscious awareness of the practitioners that their actions are morally committed, and oriented by tradition' are, under modern policy pressures in danger of being replaced by a form of practice which amounts simply to following rules.

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Language English
Key words classroom interaction, social justice, educational praxis

Nicolien Montesano Montessori

Nicolien Montesano Montessori | Associate professor | Normative Professionalisation

Nicolien Montesano Montessori

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  • Research group: Communication in Digital Transition