Nicolien Montesano Montessori | Associate professor | Normative Professionalisation

Nicolien Montesano Montessori


Nicolien Montesano Montessori PhD (1959) has been a researcher for the Research group Normative Professionalisation since 2013. In 2015, she started working closely with Cok Bakker as an associate professor. Her tasks including making sure that the objectives of the research group are implemented in practice, by coordinating group publications and study days, among other things.

She also organises the 'Meeting of the month'. In addition, she is responsible for the Complexity knowledge programme at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. Nicolien previously conducted research on social justice in primary school education, democratic citizenship in preparatory vocational training (VMBO) and societal security in senior secondary vocational education (MBO) and secondary education.

"Participative Action Research means that research, capacity-building and process-based and systemic innovation all go hand-in-hand."

Externally, she has published widely in the field of social movements, social entrepreneurship and new politics. Her contributions have an international audience in various fields, including discursive research methodology and policy analysis. Internally and externally, she has published various books on practice-based research and discourse analysis, as well as two volumes within the HU on the topic of complexity.

Fields of expertise

  • Participative practical research
  • Complexity
  • Qualitative research methodology



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    • Research groups: Co-design, Digital Ethics, Driving Educational Change, Mathematical and analytical competences of professionals, Multilingualism and Education, Normative Professionalisation, Research Competence, Research group Curriculum Development in Primary and Secondary Education, Vocational Education, Working in Education
    • 1 June 2020 - 31 December 2022
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