Shared stories and creative dissonances

Authors Anouk Zuurmond
Publication date 2019
Research groups Normative Professionalisation
Type Doctoral Thesis


In publications addressing literary reflections on Europe, little attention has been paid to emerging cultural networks, the role of EU subsidies, or literary organisations engaging writers in initiatives aimed at contemplating the challenges that the European Union faces. This dissertation aims to explain the role of new initiatives by presenting four recent, transnational literary projects as case studies: the “Literatur Express Europa 2000”; “The European Constitution in Verse”; “Narratives for Europe”; and “The Return of Europe”. The projects were analysed through an examination of three fundamental aspects: the expectations held by the cultural organisations regarding their initiatives; the cultural artefacts resulting from the projects; and the effects of the projects in the public sphere. By selecting literary projects about Europe as case studies, rather than individual authors or texts, this research allows for an interdisciplinary approach that reveals the interaction between EU politics, civil society, cultural networks, and individual authors.


  • Anouk Zuurmond | Researcher | Normative Professionalisation
    Anouk Zuurmond
    • Researcher
    • researchcomponents.publicationcontent.authorlectoratelabelsingle: Normative Professionalisation

Language English
ISBN/ISSN URN:ISBN:978-94-6375-064-6
Key words transnational literary projects, Europe, European identity

Anouk Zuurmond

Anouk Zuurmond | Researcher | Normative Professionalisation

Anouk Zuurmond

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Normative Professionalisation