Short version of 'Everyday Experiences of People Living with Mild Cognitive Impairment or Dementia: A Scoping Review'

Authors George Rook, Jacoba Huizenga
Publication date 2023
Research groups Proactive care for older people living at home, Participation, Care and Support
Type Article


Increasing attention has been paid to the ‘voice’ of people living with mild cognitive impairment (or dementia, but there is a lack of clarity about how everyday life is perceived from this insiderinsider’s perspective. This study aimed to explore the everyday life experiences, challenges and facilitators of individuals with MC I and dementia living at home.

On this publication contributed

  • Jacoba Huizinga | PhD Candidate| Participation Care and Support
    Jacoba Huizenga
    • PhD candidate
    • Research groups: Participation, Care and Support, Proactive care for older people living at home

Language English
Key words dementia, mild cognitive impairment, lived experience, everyday life, citizenship, living in the community

Proactive care for older people living at home