Jacoba Huizenga is a PhD candidate in the research groups Participation, Care and Support and Proactive care for elderly at home. Since 2009 she has been working as a lecturer at the Institute for Social Work.

Jacoba graduated with honour her master of Psychology. She worked for several years in mental health care and specialized in the contextual approach. For a few years she was involved in developing the renewed curriculum of HU Social Work.

Since February 2021 Jacoba works on her PhD research Towards an integrated approach for people living with dementia. The research project is part of an interprofessional learning community together with regional field partners and education.



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Jacoba Huizinga | PhD Candidate| Participation Care and Support

Jacoba Huizenga

  • PhD candidate
  • Research groups: Participation, Care and Support, Proactive care for older people living at home