To an integrated approach for people living with dementia

Wth a rising number of people with dementia, it will become one of the greatest challenges for health and social care. Dementia has a big impact on daily life. What  is important for people with dementia and their network? And how can professionals in the field of health and social work play a role?


This PhD research project is focused on the rationale of activities and the development of methods of Dutch professionals in dementia health and social care. In particular we look at the added value of social work. 


  • A framework: what means dementia for the daily life of people with dementia
  • Practice analysis with good practices and improvement areas
  • Evidence informed building blocks for an integrated approach for professionals in health and social work


01 February 2021 - 31 January 2025


In a scoping review we will look at what is known about daily life from the perspective of people with dementia. A field study with people with dementia and their network will enrich this. We will do a current practice analysis with care managers, general practitioners, nurses and social workers. Subsequently we will develop, test and evaluate an integrated approach. 


In this project we collaborate with Tilburg University, professor Siobhan Reilly (University of Bradford) and healthcare and social care organizations in the region of Utrecht. We work together with students of Social Work, Nursing Studies and master Integrated Care work. Do you want to collaborate or do you have any questions? Contact Jacoba Huizenga.