Inclusive collaboration around people with an intellectual disability

Differences in position, status and communication skills can hinder good cooperation in supporting people with intellectual disabilities. How can an equal collaboration be established in the triangle of clients, professionals and important people from the client's network?


The project aims to improve communication and cooperation between, people with an intellectual disability, support workers and family carers.

"Clients and family members have a lot of experiential knowledge. This knowledge is often insufficiently used in healthcare"

Jean-Pierre Wilken


The project aims to deliver the following results:

  • a set of dialogical forms of communication and consultation, in line with the principles of transdisciplinary cooperation, in order to improve the quality-of-care relationships and how ICT applications can be supportive in this regard;
  • refining the method of 'The CARe Model' and the method of personal future and support planning so that it can be used as a means for co-creation of care and support, aimed at quality of life;
  • a training that supports implementation of both products in education and practice.


In 2021 and 2022, two so-called Communities of Development (in Utrecht / Baarn and Amsterdam) will be working on designing and testing working methods that contribute to good communication and cooperation. A Community of Development consists of 10-15 people, representing all actors and perspectives.


15 December 2020 - 15 June 2023


The project develops concrete methods and tools that contribute to dialogue, shared decision-making and the design of personal future plans and support plans. This knowledge can be used in both education and professional practice.


The project has received a grant from ZonMw (project number: 639003914) as part of the Long-term Care and Support Research & Development Programme.

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Sascha van Gijzel | Researcher | Participation, Care and Support

Sascha van Gijzel

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