Jeroen Knevel

PhD candidate

Jeroen Knevel has an educational background in art, social work and sociology. He gained work experience as a supervisor and case manager at various institutes for homeless care, care for the disabled and psychiatry. He has been developing education and teaching at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2009.

He is currently a PhD candidate involved in the development and implementation of various research projects for the Research group Participation, Care and Support (PZO). The main themes in the education he provides and the research that he conducts are the concept of ‘human rights', social inclusion, ethics and people with intellectual disabilities.

He is also a proponent of experiential learning and interactive, playful and visual forms of education in higher professional education.

Jeroen is also a member of the Flemish-Dutch project group for Human rights at the heart of social work (education).

Since 2018, Jeroen Knevel has been conducting his doctoral research on the themes of inclusion, human rights and care for the disabled.

Fields of expertise

  • Human rights theory and practice
  • Equivalence: concept and practice
  • Social inclusion
  • Mental disorder



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Jeroen Knevel

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Participation, Care and Support