Experiential knowledge in higher education

Experiential knowledge are personal experiences which can be used as a source of knowledge for personal and professional development. It concerns experiences that influence the quality of live. Examples are: trauma, illness, disabilities and poverty. This project is about experiential knowledge in human service professions such as social work and nursing.



With 12 higher education institutes in 9 different countries, and their local partners we will promote awareness for using personal experience as a source of knowledge and to make the education more personalized and inclusive. We will develop a a number of products that can be used to integrate experiential knowledge in social work and nursing educations.

"Experiential knowledge is essential for education in human professions."


The project provides building blocks to properly integrate experiential knowledge into personalized and inclusive education.


  • Key principles and a framework for the integration of experiential knowledge and experiential learning in the curricula
  • Digital guide with didactical and pedagogical methods 
  • Training and coaching toolkits for academics and experts by experience
  • Website that serves as an open access platform containing the project, like e-learning programs and toolkit


01 December 2021 - 30 November 2024


  • We create a structure for cooperation with all the partners
  • We share and develop knowledge
  • We build a sustainable network, which can be continued after the project end

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Jean Pierre Wilken | Professor | Participation, Care and Support

Jean-Pierre Wilken

  • Professor
  • Research group: Participation, Care and Support