Stimulating the development of students' personal professional theory through contingent modelling.

Authors Prof.Dr. Elly de Bruijn, Dr. Harmen Schaap, Marieke van der Schaaf
Publication date 2011
Research groups Vocational Education
Type Lecture


This article displays a quasi-experimental case-study into how vocational educators stimulate the development of students' PPTs. No differences were found between the contingent modeling condition and the student condition concerning the development of PPTs. The two vocational domains did show differences. These results are explained by the relatively small extent of diagnosing in vocational educators' contingent modeling as well as the lack of high-level interactions in the discussions.

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Language English
Key words personal professional theories, negotiation of meaning, contingent modeling of vocational educators, vocational core problems

Elly de Bruijn

Elly de Bruijn | Professor | Research group Vocational Education

Elly de Bruijn

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