Supporting recovery and Inclusion. Working with the CARe Model

Authors Dirk den Hollander, Jean Pierre Wilken
Publication date 2015
Research groups Participation, Care and Support
Type Book


This book describes the principles and methodology of the CARe Model. This eclectic approach offers professionals working with people with a mental health or addiction problem, or persons with other social disadvantages, effective ways of support. The CARe model is meant to support people in their personal development. It is based on principles of psychosocial rehabilitation, recovery and empowerment. The book contains a lot of practical examples. It can be used by professionals in the field, and for the education of present and future professionals. The CARe model is an evidence based approach used by thousands of professionals world-wide

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Language English
Key words recovery, inclusion

Jean-Pierre Wilken

Jean Pierre Wilken | Professor | Participation, Care and Support

Jean-Pierre Wilken

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