The Dutch Talking Touch screen Questionnaire

Authors Marlies Welbie
Publication date 2019
Research groups Research Competence
Type Doctoral Thesis


The traditional paternalistic approach in health care is increasingly developing towards a patient-centered care (PCC) approach. However, not all patients are able to take advantage of the positive effects of PCC. Inadequate health literacy (HL) is an important limiting factor in the ability of patients to take on an active role and exchange information with their health care provider effectively. A provenly effective approach to improvement of provider-patient interaction and health outcomes is the use of health-related questionnaires. The aim of the research project described within this thesis was to adapt the most frequently-used questionnaire in Dutch physical therapy practice and add information and communication technology to it. A Dutch and Turkish version of the tool called Talking Touch Screen Questionnaire (TTSQ) was developed and evaluated on both usability and validity aspects. The current prototype of the tool does not yet fully solve the problems native and minority patients with low (health) literacy have with completing the adapted questionnaire. Big challenges in future development and testing the TTSQ are the recruitment of vulnerable members of the hard-to-reach native and minority target populations and finding research methods that suit the abilities and needs of these participants. This is expected to be a very challenging, labor- and time-consuming process. On the other hand, having a usable, valid and reliable TTSQ may well save a lot of time and money in both research and clinical practice in the future.

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Language English
Key words Health-related questionnaires, physical therapy practice, health literacy, Netherlands

Marlies Welbie

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