The “Electric Mondrian” as a Luminescent Solar Concentrator Demonstrator Case Study

Authors Wilfried van der Sark, Panos Moraitis, Carlo Aalberts, Max Drent, Thom Grasso, Yves L’Ortije, Marc Visschers, Mattijs Westra, Rob Plas, Wilko Planje
Published in Solar RRL
Publication date 7 April 2017
Research groups New Energy in the City
Type Article


toegang via de HU Bibliotheek op het HU netwerk From the article: "Abstract Inspired by the works of the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian an Electric Mondrian has been developed built up from luminescent solar concentrator elements. It is based on differently colored square and rectangular elements of standard sizes based on multiples of 15 cm, as this the standard size of the c‐Si cells that are used at the sides of the elements. This paper describes the design requirements and choices that have been made in detail. The design is based on commercially available luminescent concentrator Perspex plates and solar cells. Performance testing showed that at total size of 1 m2 a light‐to‐electric power device efficiency is measured of 0.2%: the Electric Mondrian thus provides ∼2 W in full sun, and two mobile devices can be charged directly or via a built‐in battery. The Electric Mondrian functions as a decorative energy‐harvesting element indoors in the urban environment, and can be marketed as such. "

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    Wilko Planje
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Language English
Published in Solar RRL
Year and volume vol. 1 no. 3-4
Key words Zonnecellen

New Energy in the City