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Wilko Planje


Wilko Planje has been affiliated with the HU Institute for Design & Engineering since 2010, in the field of sustainable energy systems for the built environment. Within the Research group New Energy in the City, he focuses on research projects that deal with the integration of these systems in neighbourhoods and buildings.

Simulations, data analyses and demonstration projects are providing promising possibilities, while, together with regional partners and with (inter)national companies, we are working on improving processes, performance indicators, installation systems and multifunctional building components. Important themes within the field of transition are decentralisation, storage and industrialisation.

"Energy transition is like working with a painter's palette to provide each type of area with its own specific colour"

Wilko Planje
Researcher New Energy in the City

In addition to sustainability and energy, comfort is a also major issue. Not only in homes, but also in offices and schools there is discomfort in terms of temperature, CO 2 , draft, moisture, noise, light and so on. With the Energylab Architectural Laboratory and through field tests at leading companies, we are gaining more and more knowledge about how to optimally deal with such issues and to safeguard comfort during times of renovation.

Fields of Expertise

  • Energy Systems
  • Storage methods
  • Heat pumps



    • Research groups: Co-design, Communication in Digital Transition, New Energy in the City, Participation and Urban Development
    • 1 April 2021 - 31 December 2023
    Clever Area Development

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Wilko Planje | Researcher | Research group New Energy in the City

Wilko Planje

  • Researcher
  • Research group: New Energy in the City