Clever Area Development

Sustainable area development is being shaped by putting citizens at the heart of it. Local governing bodies, companies and civil society organisations work towards empowering the future vision and inhabitant initiatives in the neighbourhood. The energy transition will boost citizen initiatives in the neighbourhood. Inhabitants will form community groups that will work on saving energy, sustainable energy and the so-called Donut Deals.


The goal of the project is to realise a social, democratic and economically just energy transition in Gaasperdam. Elements that are linked to this are creating a new interplay between systemic and lifeworld, further developing local citizens’ initiatives towards a more longterm vision, and connecting the social basis to ecological awareness.


The work is divided into 4 work packages that have the following goal settings:

  • WP 1: projectplanning and dissemination
  • WP 2: the social energy transition
    a. Improving the socio-economical position of the neighbourhood and its inhabitants
    b.Improving liveability
  • WP 3: the democratic energy transition
    a.Linking urban area development to strategic neighbourhood development
  • WP 4: the technical energy transition
    a.Improving the quality of houses, housing facilities and facilities in general in the built environment
    b.Improving of the energy quality of houses, among which making existing build and newly build houses  natural gas free


01 April 2021 - 31 December 2023


For this project different research groups are combining their expertise in the different work packages. In work packages 2 and 3 the focus is on inventorying the skills in the neighbourhood, looking at the needs of the residents and how to establish a sustainable form of local governance where residents gain permanent decision-making power in local decision-making processes. 

HU researchers involved in the research

Collaboration with knowledge partners

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