Understanding how debt problems change our behaviour is the key to better support

Authors Nadja Jungmann, Peter Wesdorp
Published in New Start
Publication date 2015
Research groups Debt and Debt Collection
Type Article


There are more citizens with unpayable debts than ever. And yet professionals in debt services often do not know how they can best, and most rapidly, get these families back on track. The impact of financial problems is great: lengthier use of benefit payments, a higher sickness absence rate at work, worse relationships with family and friends, increasing psychological and physical complaints and a greater chance of recidivism in the event of criminality. Through paying off debts, not only is the wellbeing of the debtor promoted, but society too is spared the future costs. Knowledge and insight into the working of the brain make it possible to develop better, more effective approaches.

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Published in New Start
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Nadja Jungmann

Nadja Jungmann

  • Professor
  • Research group: Debt and Debt Collection