Nadja Jungmann


Nadja Jungmann (1974) is professor in 'Debt Prevention and Early Detection' since 2010. She focuses on the question of how financial problems affect our daily lives and how poverty and debt problems can be solved.

Jungmann studied Public Administration at Leiden University. After her studies, she did a PhD on the effects of the Natural Persons Debt Rescheduling Act on the implementation of municipal debt counseling. Right from the start, she combined her PhD research with policy and assignment research at the Scientific Research and Documentation Center and the Dutch Association for Popular Credit, among other things. In the final phase of her PhD, she worked as a senior researcher at the Legal Aid Boards where she developed the Monitor of subsidized legal aid. After completing her PhD, she started working as a consultant at the organisational consultancy firm Hiemstra & De Vries.

Fields of expertise:

  • Debts and debt counseling
  • Debt collection
  • Legal professional practice

"Jungmann excels in research and education, but also scores well in matters such as student involvement, exposure and connection with society. Jungmann has emerged as a voice in the discussion about debt problems."

Jury professor of the year 2017

Since 2000 Nadja has been active in an international debt research group that meets annually at the Law & Society Association conference. She has been one of the coordinators of this group since 2011. Jungmann also spends her time on:

  • Trainer and advisor at Social Force
  • The NVVK advisory board
  • The recognition committee of Movisie
  • The maintenance and development of Mesis
  • Contributing to the development of Quiet


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Nadja Jungmann

  • Professor
  • Research group: Debt and Debt Collection