Understanding Older People’s Readiness for Receiving Telehealth

Authors Thijs van Houwelingen, Roelof Ettema, Angelo Antonietti, Helianthe Kort
Published in Journal of Medical Internet Research
Publication date 6 April 2018
Research groups Technology for Healthcare Innovations
Type Article


The objective of this study was to understand community-dwelling older people’s readiness for receiving telehealth by studying their intention to use videoconferencing and capacities for using digital technology in daily life as indicators. A mixed-method triangulation design was used. First, a cross-sectional survey study was performed to investigate older people’s intention to use videoconferencing, by testing our theoretical framework with a multilevel path analysis (phase 1). Second, for deeper understanding of older people’s actual use of digital technology, qualitative observations of older people executing technological tasks (eg, on a computer, cell phone) were conducted at their homes (phase 2).

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Language English
Published in Journal of Medical Internet Research
Year and volume 20 4
Key words ouderen, e-health, verpleeghuizen

Thijs van Houwelingen

Thijs van Houwelingen

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Technology for Healthcare Innovations