With his passion for patient care, Roelof wants to make a contribution to the ability of healthcare professionals in providing state-of-the-art care to their patients. His primary focus is on preparing older patients planned for hospitalisation.

As a nurse, nursing scientist and clinical epidemiologist, Roelof Ettema (1965) obtained his doctorate in 2014 on the topic of preparing elderly patients for hospitalisation involving heart surgery. His study sought to prevent burdensome care-related complications, such as delirium, depression, pressure ulcers, infection, malnutrition and falls. The PREDOCS line of research prepares elderly people in 12 heart centres for their planned hospitalisation involving cardiac surgery.

  • PREDOCS line of research: preparing elderly people for hospitalisation involving heart surgery
  • PREDOS line of research: preparing elderly people for hospitalisation involving gastroenterological surgery
  • Basic Care Revisited: preventing malnutrition among the elderly at home in the periods before and after hospitalisation
  • Senior lecturer Institute for Nursing Studies
  • Postdoc researcher for the Chair of nursing science at the University Medical Centre, Utrecht

Fields of expertise

  • Preparing elderly people for surgery
  • Nursing and paramedical care for elderly people with chronic conditions
  • Methodology of practice-based research



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Roelof Ettema | Researcher | Methodology of Practice-Based Research | Chronic Diseases

Roelof Ettema

  • Researcher
  • Research groups: Methodology of Practice-Based Research, Proactive care for elderly people living at home