Ada Ruis

PhD candidate
Ada Ruis is working on a longitudinal ethnographic research on Syrian (reunited) refugee families in four places of residence in The Netherlands. Ada is in particular interested in the various consequences of displacement for different generations and how this affects relationships between parents and children and the integration process of individual family members.


Ada Ruis is a social anthropologist, specialized on the Middle East and Islam. She has broad fieldwork experience in the Middle East, especially in Syria before the civil war. Additionally, she has extensive experience in higher education in the field of teaching, education and pedagogy. She is a registered coach and supervisor. At the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Ada is a senior lecturer and coach in the master's programme in pedagogy at the Institute for Ecological Pedagogy.


  • Ethnographic research
  • Syrian (refugee) families in the Netherlands
  • Pedagogy, culture and diversity


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Ada Ruis

  • PhD candidate
  • Research group: Living and Wellbeing