Arjen Maris


Arjen Maris has been working at the Institute for People & Business of HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2015.

Prior to this, he had worked for more than ten years within the domain of social care (SMEs). In his work experience he focused on innovating business processes through the use of information technology (IT). Arjen completed his bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Telematics in 2002. He graduated for his master’s degree in Informatics at the beginning of 2015, with a study on IT capabilities within SME healthcare institutions.

"Organisations only perform optimally if systems seamlessly connect with their vision and strategy."

The educational classes that Arjen provides are focused on the intersection of business and IT. In September 2015, he joined the research group to assist with ongoing research focused on BPM maturity and to conduct its own research into the organizational possibilities with regard to information management in the public sector to reduce regulatory pressure

Fields of expertise

  • Innovation management
  • Information management
  • Process management



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Arjen Maris

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Process Innovation and Information Systems