Christa van Gessel | Researcher | Co-design research group

Christa van Gessel


Christa van Gessel (1980) studied Industrial Design - Strategic Product Design at Delft University of Technology. As a co-designer & researcher, she likes to bring people together to work on projects that deal with complex issues from a designing perspective, to find underlying questions together, to chart the broader context and deeper dreams, and ultimately to develop appropriate interventions for real people. Christa is a collaboration partner of Co-Design.

In addition being involved in these projects as a designer, she also reflects on the projects as a researcher, so as to develop new methods for the co-design field.

Fields of expertise

  • Co-design
  • Design research
  • Co-creation sessions


  • Are agile design approaches useful in designing for health? A case study
    • Eline Bolster, Manon Bloemen, Christa van Gessel, Sander Hermsen, Anita van Essen, Remko van der Lugt
    • Research groups: Co-design, Lifestyle and Health
    • Lecture
    • 2020
  • Grounding practices How researchers ground their work in create-health collaborations for designing e-health solutions
    • Christa van Gessel, Marieke Zielhuis, Remko van der Lugt, Berit Godfroij, Daan Andriessen
    • Research groups: Co-design, Methodology of Practice-Based Research
    • Lecture
    • 2020
  • Service Design, insights from nine case studies
    • Fenne Verhoeven, Remko van der Lugt, Tanja Enninga, Christa van Gessel, Jens Gijbels, Menno Manschot, Froukje Sleeswijk Visser, Berit Godfroij
    • Research group: Co-design
    • Book
    • 2013


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