Dirk Ploos van Amstel | Researcher | Research group Behaviour & Conversation in digital transition

Dirk Ploos van Amstel

PhD candidate

Dirk Ploos van Amstel (1977) has been working at the Research group Communication in Digital Transition since 1 September 2014 (PubLab). He is also a lecturer for the Communication & Media Design degree programme.

Dirk obtained his Master of Arts in 2005 within the discipline of new media studies at the Faculty of Humanities at Utrecht University. After his studies, Dirk worked in business as a project manager and designer, after which he consciously made the switch to the education sector.

Within his position at the Research group Behaviour & Conversation, Dirk is constantly thinking about better, smarter designs; ways in which things could be more convenient or more understandable. He sharpens his ideas during the course of doing projects in collaboration with partners and clients, such as design agencies, knowledge institutions and government institutions. Behavioural change in the public domain is the central focus during most of these projects. This approach yields insights and/or useful ideas for possible solutions.

Dirk is also a member of the Communication & Multimedia Design degree programme at the HU, where he supervises students and shares his knowledge and experience.

Fields of expertise

  • Design research


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