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Hanske Douwenga


Hanske Douwenga has been working as researcher in the research group Youth since 2018. Before this, she was also active as a researcher within the Youth domain. In addition, Hanske serves as process supervisor for a variety of municipalities and youth welfare organisations.

Hanske Douwenga studied Special Education and Child-Rearing at Radboud University. After working as a behavioural expert and manager, for the past 11 years she has worked as an HBO lecturer in the Ecological Educational Theory programme of the HU. She is jointly responsible for renewing the curriculum of the Educational Theory bachelor’s degree programme and for executing its examination policy.

Hanske’s focus areas are the professionalisation of professionals working in youth welfare and the implementation of the Reporting Code for Child Abuse. Thanks to constant interaction with the field, she can ensure that knowledge offered within the programme remains up to date. Her main objective in her work is to develop students into professionals whom the field is waiting for.

Fields of expertise

  • Professionalisation of professionals working in youth welfare
  • Response to child abuse


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