Leendert de Bell | Researcher | Organising Decent Work

Leendert de Bell


Dr. Leendert de Bell was appointed professor for sustainable labour market participation of refugees in September 2019, in collaboration with UAF (Foundation for Refugee Students). With effect from September 2022, he has been appointed (co-)chair of the Research Group Decent Work, alongside Dr. Josje Dikkers.

Current shortages on the Dutch labour market are unprecedented. Yet at the same time there still is a large untapped potential of people who want to work, but for various reasons experience great difficulties to access the labour market. In order to provide sustainable employment opportunities to these vulnerable groups on the labour market, additional efforts from employers and other relevant stakeholders are indispensable. Within the Research Group Decent Work, Leendert focuses on exploring innovative ways and the necessary (pre)conditions that can provide people with a vulnerable labour market position with suitable work.

Leendert de Bell obtained his PhD in International Development Studies at Utrecht University in 2005 and has extensive international experience in research and education. He is also affiliated with the Centre for Entrepreneurship at Utrecht University, and is involved in several local, national and international initiatives concerning labour market participation of refugees and (social) entrepreneurship.

Fields of expertise

  • Labour market participation
  • (Social) entrepreneurship
  • Development issues



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