Lenneke Kok | Researcher | Co-design research group

Lenneke Kok


Lenneke Kok MSc has been working at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht since 2010. She has been the coordinator of the minor Co-Design Studio since 2016. She also works as a researcher at the Co-design research group.

There she is particularly interested in transition issues in the field of sustainability. How can we innovate faster together and shape the world of tomorrow in the best way possible? Now, more than ever given the vast amount of technology at our disposal, is the time when we can arrive at better solutions by letting users and other stakeholders become part of the creative design process.

"The citizen of the future is still young or not yet born, so let us design a bright future for them with all the expert knowledge that we have today!"

Fields of expertise

  • Co-design Living Labs
  • Sustainability


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