Lianne Kleijer-Kool PhD is a senior researcher and project leader at the Research group Working with Mandated Clients, and at the Research group Public health and public safety, of the Research Centre for Social Innovation. She is also senior lecturer at the Institute for Safety & Security Management Studies.

Lianne trained as a criminologist and cultural anthropologist. She has a passion for practice-based research into safety issues in complex environments, especially with regard to sensitive themes. She obtained her doctorate on a study into police work in the multicultural society. She subsequently conducted research into (ethnic) profiling in proactive police work: Boeven vangen (Capturing Criminals), 2016.

"Working towards a safe society: connecting scientific knowledge, practical experience and data systems to substantiate the actions of (prospective) professionals"

Lianne focuses on the broader spectrum of (societal) security, including police, probation services, public prosecutors, the prison system, and municipal services. In her various positions at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, she seeks to establish the valuable connection between research, education and professional practice.

Fields of expertise

  • Safety in a diverse society
  • Substantiated professional conduct
  • Working on safety together


  • Should Relapse Always Be Punished? A Survey Study into Forensic Social Professionals’ Attitudes to Substance Us
    • Vivienne de Vogel, Lianne Kleijer-Kool, Jolein Monnee-van Doornmalen
    • Research group: Working with Mandated Clients
    • Article
    • 2021


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Lianne Kleijer-Kool | Senior lecturer | Senior researcher | Knowledge analysis societal security and Working with Mandated Clients

Lianne Kleijer-Kool

  • Researcher
  • Research groups: Public health and public safety, Working with Mandated Clients