Lyske van den Berg

Lyske Attaie-van den Berg has been working for the research group Multilingualism and Education since 2020. She combines working in research with a role in project support. It motivates her to work in and for a research group that aims for an educational system where all languages are welcome, and where students’ multilingual repertoires are used as a benefit in learning.


Prior to working in research, Lyske has had different roles in the educational field such as teacher in English and History, and, later on, as a program advisor for an Executive MBA at a Dutch business school. To increase her contribution to society, Lyske is now working on her development in project work and research within the educational field.


•    Multilingualism
•    Secondary education
•    Projectmanagement


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Lyske van den Berg

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Multilingualism and Education