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Maarten Davelaar


Maarten Davelaar is senior-researcher at the Research Centre for Social Innovation, HU University of Applied Sciences, Utrecht. His focus includes (governance issues in) housing, homelessness and community development. He is involved in research on the contribution of (collaborative) housing concepts to social inclusion of vulnerable and marginalised groups in society. Maarten is co-founder of a Community of Practice on Mixed Housing. He has extensive (international) research experience and has also been working as an independent researcher since 2015. Prior to this he was a researcher at the Verwey-Jonker Institute. He started his professional career coordinating (volunteer) projects in the city of Rotterdam.


- Housing, homelessness and community development

- Participatory (action) research

- Policy evaluations


Maarten has been working as an independent researcher with knowledge institutes, social organisations, client platforms and governments since 2014. He is a developer of the PAja!-methodology, a participatory research and testing method in the social domain. Prior to this he was a researcher at the Verwey-Jonker Institute for 13 years. He has also been a supporter of (volunteer) projects in Rotterdam intended for people on the fringes of society.

Fields of expertise

  • Housing, shelter and welfare
  • Participative (action) research
  • Policy evaluations

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