Marieke Cirkel


Marieke Cirkel has been working as a researcher within the research group Working with Mandated Clients since September 2020. She is also involved as an Applied Science teacher in the Social Work Program. 

Over the past twelve years, Marieke has gained knowledge and experience within (preventive) youth protection. Specifically, the consequences of the transition of youth care in 2015 for both the youth care professional and the client are of interest to her. 

In 2020 Marieke completed the Master Forensic Social Professional. During the master, she researched the concept of Eigen Kracht and how this is shaped within the (preventive) youth protection SAVE, part of Samen Veilig Midden Nederland (SVMN). Over the past six months, Marieke has conducted research within SVMN as a researcher in which the learning climate of the organization was central.

"Issues arise when it is decided to ignore them"

Practical research offers the opportunity to combine experiences from the professional field, knowledge from literature and education. Connecting these three elements provides the basis for learning and development. An important motivation for Marieke is the reinforcing effect of learning and development which moves in a circulair motion rather than a linear one.

Fields of expertise

  • (Preventive) Youth Protection
  • Empowerment


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Marieke Cirkel

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Working with Mandated Clients