Remco Vasterink has been affiliated with the Research group Curriculum Development in Primary and Secondary Education since September 2017. He is involved in research into interdisciplinary education in teacher-training programmes for science subjects and ethics in the natural sciences.

Remco Vasterink studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Groningen. For a number of years, he worked in the chemical industry and at Utrecht University, after which he started teaching in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. He specialises in writing teaching materials for companies in the technical sector.

After obtaining his first-level teaching qualification for the school subject of chemistry, he took a position in 2011 at HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. In addition to being a lecturer / teacher-trainer, he is also responsible for the curriculum of both the bachelor's and master's degree programmes in Chemistry Education.

Fields of expertise

  • Chemistry education
  • Interdisciplinary science education
  • Natural sciences and ethics

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Remco Vasterink | Researcher | Research group Science and Technology Education

Remco Vasterink

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Research group Curriculum Development in Primary and Secondary Education