Sebastiaan van der Lubben

Sebastiaan van der Lubben


COVID-19, terrorist attacks, elections, sports – media organizations are increasingly publishing liveblogs that directly report on (un)announced events. The format (1) is relatively new and raises interesting questions about the credibility of the journalism that is executed within this format. Two questions are central to this research into live blogs in Dutch media: How do journalists convince their audience that news via a liveblog is credible? And under what circumstances do they succeed?

The journalist and his audience are convicted to each other when establishing credibility of news. Credibility is not a quality, but a result (2) that arises from the interaction between journalist, production (3), audience and the context in which they come together. Classic and modern rhetoric and theory about genres offer an analysis frame in which credibility of liveblogs under immediate circumstances can be concluded. 

Sebastiaan van der Lubben graduated with degrees from the School of Journalism in Zwolle (2000) and from the Political Science department at Leiden University (2005). He was editor-in-chief at Maters en Hermsen (corporate journalism) for eight years, a political reporter for the Leidsch Dagblad and a lecturer in journalism at Leiden University and VU Amsterdam. He is currently a lecturer in Politics and Research at the HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Fields of expertise

  • Content analysis
  • Immediacy


  • A Discourse Community of Livebloggers? Routines, Conventions, and the Pursuit of Credibility in Dutch Liveblogs
    • Sebastiaan van der Lubben, Yael de Haan, Jaap de Jong, Willem Koetsenruijter
    • Research group: Quality Journalism in Digital Transition
    • Article
    • 2023


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Sebastiaan van der Lubben

Sebastiaan van der Lubben

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Quality Journalism in Digital Transition