Tamara Madern | Professor | Debt and Debt Collection

Tamara Madern

Tamara Madern is professor in 'Debt Prevention' and director of the institute of Law at HU University of Applied Sciences. She worked at the Foundation National Institute for Budget Information (Nibud) for a number of years, including positions as a budget consultant and member of the academic staff. In 2015, she completed her dissertation on the financial behaviour of people with financial problems.

Tamara's research is invariably focussed on preventing financial problems and supporting healthy financial behaviour. Together with those involved in the field, she attempts to translate her research directly into workable insights and products. In recent years, this has resulted, among other things, in a budget course and the development of workshops aimed at identifying financial concerns among students.

"Most debts are not caused by unwillingness, but by powerlessness"

With her research, she hopes to influence the way people who are in debt are often viewed, as well as to search for new solutions. Most people with financial problems get into this situation because of powerlessness and not unwillingness. Once the first debts have been incurred, people often quickly sink deeper into debt.

Fields of expertise

  • Debt prevention
  • Financial behaviour
  • Financial problems



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Tamara Madern | Professor | Debt and Debt Collection

Tamara Madern

  • Professor
  • Research group: Debt and Debt Collection