Tina van der Linden


Tina van der Linden is involved in the translation of the role of lawyers in a digital society into how law should be taught. She has a lot of experience in teaching and research in the field of law and technology.  

Tina has been involved in the field ever since it emerged in the eighties of the previous century. After her graduation as a lawyer, she worked as a computer programmer for one year, before switching to academic research and teaching in the intersection of law and technology at Utrecht University.  

She successfully defended her PhD thesis on legal expert systems. In 2017 she joined the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, focusing on legal challenges of blockchain and AI. Since 2023, she has been working part-time at Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, to contribute to education and research in law and technology.   


  • Law and technology 
  • Blockchain 
  • AI