Toinette Loeffen | Researcher | Participation and Urban Development

Toinette Loeffen


Toinette Loeffen (1964) has been working as a researcher in the Research group Participation and Urban Development since 2008. For over 30 years, she has worked together in a variety of roles with clients, professionals and students to promote an inclusive society in which the added value of diversity is seen and appreciated. And in which everyone can enjoy participating and contributing according to his or her capacities, peculiarities and talents.

Her main sources of inspiration are her husband, her son and adopted daughter and the Native Americans. She sees her work as an opportunity to use the ancient knowledge of indigenous peoples, who use stories, dance, music and dramatic expression as natural instruments for celebration, sharing, learning and healing, in a contemporary context. This way she hopes to help build a sustainable, inclusive society for future generations.

"In daily life, we all have our limitations; when we play, we are all special."

After completing various social and professional art degree programmes in senior secondary vocational education and higher vocational education, Toinette presently focuses on creative diversity-aware education. She believes in working in the challenging environment of living labs. As a senior honours lecturer, she sees herself as a connector and builder of bridges, who works to promote an inclusive, solidary and sustainable society within a process of co-creation. As a researcher, she has focussed for two years on the options for people with a disability to participate in arts and cultural activities.

In 2007, she worked together with Herma Tigchelaar in writing the book Retourtje Inzicht, creatief met diversiteit voor Sociale professionals (‘Return Trip to Insight, being creative with diversity for Social professionals’).

Fields of expertise

  • Inclusive society
  • Diversity-conscious education
  • Inclusive participation in arts and culture

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Toinette Loeffen | Researcher | Participation and Urban Development

Toinette Loeffen

  • Researcher
  • Research group: Sustainable Communities