After your graduation

Upon successful completion of the programme, you receive a Master of Science degree in Integrated Care Design, together with the International Diploma Supplement (IDS) in English. You will be ready to confidently take on any role dealing with innovation in integrated care and be an inspiration for change.

Career prospects

With a master's degree in Integrated Care Design in your arsenal, you are ready to change the field of health and social care. You are able to apply your solid foundation of knowledge in a variety of (senior) roles in the field.

  • Policy design
  • Management
  • Education
  • Change management

IFIC's Membership Network

We encourage you to join IFIC's Membership Network, the community that's dedicated to integrated care. With fees starting from € 0 per year, you will be able to connect with other members who share your interests, connect with IFIC-recognised experts in various fields, and find opportunities for collaboration and exchanging ideas. You are an important part of the movement for change, so join us today!

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